Best School in Moradabad About


“The Principal Goal of Education is to create individuals who are capable of doing new things not simply repeating what other generations have done” – Jean Paiget (1896 -1980)

The School runs without any distinctions of race, creed, caste or social status. We strive to inspire students to develop thinking skills & global perspective in an atmosphere of Indian tradition and values. Imparting a habit of learning is the corner stone of the education we offer.

The School aims not only to provide high-quality education but also to produce citizens with all-round personality, full equipped to march out into the world, and explore new vistas in life. The emphasis is on imparting education aimed at forming a character based on discipline, self-reliance and moral integrity. We encourage in our students, the qualities of perseverance and intellectual curiosity and blend them with innovation in the pursuit of knowledge that will help them to stand on their own feet.

To this end, Summer Valley School will offer a stimulating environment that lays emphasis on academics as well as sports and extra-curricular activities in equal measure.